France: motorcycle protest - 100,000 bikes paralyzed the nation

Fellow Riders,
We are "Divided"... no group or origination covers the Nation and every type of motorcycle, moped and three wheeler.

As long as we are separated, we won't be able to organize an event like the one in France:

So, who is willing to join me and make this happen in the USA ???

Who is going to go out as a unified group and make a statement that can't be ignored?

Every state capital and Washington DC in 2012, the END of the world as predicted by the Mayans !!!

Willing to help.


I found the events in France to be interesting and posted here when it happened.

I am, of course, willing to help. The reasons for protest must be clearly spelled out if there is to be any change, just as the Declaration of Independence made it quite clear to the King of England and everyone else, exactly what the protestations were all about, exactly why, and exactly what their intent was.

To me, the reason for motorcyclists to protest are: against draconian helmet laws in the states, the ongoing use of federal funds by NHTSA and NTSB to promote mandatory helmet laws in the states (which the NHTSA was told they were not allowed to,, by Congress), the use of federal funds to bribe states to conduct motorcyclist only roadblocks, the states which mandate helmets, states which mandate safety training courses, states which force all motorcyclists to pay into safety funds (which are often raided), states which conduct motorcyclist only roadblocks, to oppose federal funding which promotes the No Refusal program wherein the states allow cops to draw blood by force at the side of the road, without search warrant, although they are not phlebotomists and the conditions are not sterile, states which have mandated enforcement against motorcyclists if they do not have an EPA stamp visible on their exhaust pipes, and any state, county, or municipality that does not allow motorcyclists to use all roads or parking spaces which other privately owned vehicles can use. It might also behoove us to demonstrate that motorcyclists come from all walks of life, and states should follow the lead of the State of Washington in stopping the profiling of motorcyclists.

Not everyone agrees with me, and I know that.

As you can see, my gripes as they pertain to motorcycling are based on very libertarian concepts. That doesn't mean I am liberal or conservative or supportive of either of the two state-sponsored political parties. Truth be told, I am not! It also doesn't make me an anarchist - limited government is necessary for a free society to function. It just means I am not a statist. Statists want a bureaucratic regulated and heavily enforced society with large, intrusive government to rule over individuals and regulate all decision making. If I were to mention ALL my gripes about government intrusion into the affairs and decisions of individuals, this would have to be a large essay, so I am just mentioning my gripes as they pertain to governmental intrusions against motorcyclists.

The problem is that there are many more people who follow statist mentality in this world. They want big government. They want government to force everyone to be clones of themselves, and to believe everything they believe in. They want government to step in and tell their neighbor not to paint their house a certain sickening color. It takes lots of government to make up all those 45,000 or however many laws we have to try to understand and abide by, and then enforce them, and judge the disputes.

So, I stand willing to help organize, but first, let's define what exactly it is that must be protested, then consider how many people might attend. Rolling Thunder gets a huge turnout in DC every year but they wouldn't if people didn't care, deeply, about POW-MIA's, and reminding government they must do everything they can to support the troops they send into combat zones, and do everything they can to bring them home. I am not aware of any detractors from the ranks of the veterans who stand on the opposite side of the road saying the POW-MIA should all be forgotten. In stark contrast, that is how it is in the world of motorcyclists, even including the world of biker rights. We, the people who continue to demand the right to decide for ourselves about such important matters as individual safety, have lots of detractors saying they love their helmets and everyone should be forced to wear them. There is always some weenie who stands there telling the reporters a helmet saved their weenie ass. By the way, many of those detractors are the same clumsy people who, according to a study conducted several years ago in Australia, hit their heads against just about everything, about 17 times more than average, so that tells you a little about their mentality. I see all these people wearing helmets on their heads in the hot sun during the last week in July in North Carolina, in 100 degree weather, and I actually cry for the future,...the future will see a very compliant society, in general, who do not think for themselves, and who do not understand what it means to be an individual and to have that kind of freedom which I have known, having lived in a time when government was not so huge and overbearing. At the same time, there will be people treated as criminals, just for minor infractions, or perhaps for no reason at all, except they somehow look or act different.

So, define the reason to protest, and I might be right there beside you!

A couple of years ago I saw a group put forth a call to action for all motorcyclists to join a protest rally in Washington DC. It looked very interesting, so I looked into it. When questioned about the reason for protest, they refused to answer. They had no idea what it was they were protesting, and had no idea if there was any motorcycling issue related to this so-called protest. A couple of months later, we found out it was a political rally to support political candidates. It was not a protest rally as much as it was a political rally for a political party to get more of the same dumb ass power-hungry candidates elected. Holding political rallies to get mainstream political candidates elected is completely different than holding protest rallies to protest for liberties and freedom, or for peace, or for strict limitations to the powers of government to bring an end to corrupt government, regardless of political party. Despite their attempted claims, neither or the two major state-sponsored political parties have a monopoly on patriotism, love of liberty, love of this land and the people in it, desire for peace, yearning for freedom, or whatever or whomever they think God is. Also, it is very important to realize that neither of the two state-sponsored political parties have a monopoly on either libertarian principals or statism principles. So, anyhow, when I asked the planners of this major protest rally why they wanted all motorcyclists to rally, they could not even specify one issue pertaining to motorcyclists. It was all just bs to try and generate more support for their political party which had got dumped badly in the previous election. I guess the moral of that story is, be careful who you stand behind, and know exactly what it is they really stand for, because you might be very surprised. The same is true for some of the legislative proposals I see coming from some MRO's these days. MRO leaders tell their members to call their legislative reps and say they support a bill, and some people just do what they are told by MRO leadership, rather than look up the exact wording of the proposal, and think about what will result, or what bad precedent they are setting. Then, they are perturbed to see that the state is forcing more money from them the next time they register their motorcycle, or they are perturbed that the state raided the fund...the dumb asses! They should not have asked the state to force higher fees on the motorcyclists in the first place! Sorry for the blunt wording, but it is necessary. Yes, unite. However, if there are people standing in the front, as supposed leaders, or do not really and truly know the issues nor believe in them, there should not be large crowds standing behind them in a showing of support.


ps. Since I brought up some controversial points that can potentially heat up a few peoples' emotions, these are my opinions and mine alone, of course, and everyone can feel free to vehemently voice their disagreement with me about any point I made. I'm always glad to listen and keep an open mind.

Helmet Law Protest Rally


We should talk when I return from Germany in October. I have a couple idea's about a coast-to-coast helmet law protest rally I would like to discuss with you. Shoot me an email or give me a call and let me know if you are interested . . . you already have my contact info!

Red Barron

State Wide Helmet Protest

Hey Red Barron:

Did anything come of your idea to do a nation-wide helmet protest?


Judy Kaenel
DuKane Chapter
A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois, Inc