NC Call to Action! H392 Modify Motorcycle Helmet Requirements


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NC Statewide Call to Action!
Bill 392, Modify Motorcycle Helmet Requirements

Start Date:

Now, April 24, 2011
End Date:  Tuesday, April 26,

Level of Urgency: High


Statewide, North Carolina

Issued by: Janice

Sponsoring Organizations: Bikers USA, independent
bikers, and {Add your organization!}


Janice MacKay has issued this call to action for all North Carolina motorcyclists, including groups and independents. At this time, it has NOT been escalated to a national call to action. There is a
possibility of extending the end date. However, this is urgent due to much work needed before the crossover deadline.

Reason for
call to action:

House Bill 392 (H392) would allow for exceptions to the mandatory helmet law, for those 18 year of age and older.

It has been in the queue of bills which need to be heard by the NC House Transportation Committee and receive a favorable report, then go back to the full chamber of the House for a 2nd and 3rd reading. If it passes the House, the bill then gets assigned to the Senate. The problem is that due to delays in transportation committee scheduling, it is quickly running out of time. There is a crossover
deadline of May 12. That is a lot of hearings and readings in a short amount of time. If it fails to meet the crossover deadline, motorcyclists will not be allowed choice.

In the words of
Martin Luther King Jr,, "Freedom delayed is freedom denied."

Last week, primary sponsor of the bill, Rep.
Kelly Hastings
, (R) Cleveland, Gaston counties, requested the
bill be scheduled to be heard in the transportation committee. The
Rules committee chair also contacted an appropriate chair (presumably
House Transportation Committee chair Rep.
or one of the co-chairs),  to ask that it be heard.
Today, Rep. Hastings, along with concerned members of the NC
motorcycling community, asks for your assistance. Please use your
voice to help him to help us to, finally, after 40 years of no choice
helmet mandates,  "Let those who ride decide!"

Actions needed (5 of them):
There are four actions
needed at this time. Your help with at least two of them would be
very beneficial to the cause.

Action #1 - Write a very
short email message and send it to the House Transportation Committee
and bill sponsors,

You can copy/paste this distribution

H392 Modify Motorcycle Helmet Requirements - Please Hear the

Dear NC House Transportation Committee and sponsors of
House Bill 392.

Please schedule House Bill 392 to be heard in
committee and give the bill a favorable report. I am in favor of the

{Also add whatever other text you like! It would be
great for them to hear a variety of discussions and arguments in
support of the bill. We are all experts on different subject matter,
so if your strength is speaking of legal issues, tourism/business
issues, freedom issues, or safety issues, choose whatever you feel
most comfortable with. If you cannot think of any other words to add,
being brief is fine! Be civil but assertive.}

{Either your address or just your city/town or your House
District # if you know it}
{Your phone number if you ask to be

Action #2 - While waiting until
Monday night, to take action #3, make like Paul Revere by spreading
the word to others, urging them to join you in this action.

Take this
action sometime between Monday night, after 7pm and 8pm Tuesday
When the legislators and their assistants arrive on
Tuesday morning, it would be good if their voicemal is full of
message in favor or House Bill 392.
The other reason for this is
that it will only take you a minute or two to dial the phone and
leave a message. That way you can contact all the House
Transportation committee members lickety split! If you prefer to call
and speak to a person rather than leave a voicemail message, it might
take you triple the time, but feel free to do so. It's nicer, but
takes longer. Whatever you say is up to you, but please be sure to
let them know you support H392 or favor H392, and that it is the bill
about motorcycle helmet choice for adults.

Tip: Call them
while you are at the computer. Keep the list of House
Transportation Committee
members open. From there, you can click
on each member and bring up their bio as well as phone number. If you
notice something in their background, such as military history, or
profession, you might ad lib, such as "I see that you were in
the military. I want the troops to come home to a land that has more
liberty than when they left."

Action #4
Follow-up and feedback.
Check the Friends
website for any follow-up actions which can help the
Friends of BOLT allows posting of calls to action and
follow-up information, so we'll get something posted. You might also
check the Carolinas Full
Throttle Magazine
, both the online site and/or the printed
magazine which appears in all your favorite biker-friendly

Action #5 - When you have some time, write
or call the bills primary sponsors and co-sponsors, and any
representatives who speak favorably on the bill and let them know of
your appreciation! These people are our employees, so treat them like
respected employees and we might get better results.

actions anticipated soon

If the transportation committee
schedules the bill, visiting Raleigh while the bil is in committee
would be terrific. That's why we need to stay in communication about
the bills progress. If the committee favors the bill, we'll need
people to watch and see if it gets scheduled for the 2nd reading in
the House. If so, it would be good to have motorcyclists in the
gallery. If you have to choose one or the other, the committee is
most important. Let's cross this bridge first, and get it passed in
the committee and in the house, then we'll work on the Senate. After
that, if the bill is enacted, we made need to issue a national call
to action in order to convince Governor Perdue to sign it into

In freedom,

After Action Report - NC H392

At 11am on Tuesday, I checked with a legislative assistant of one of the members of the NC House Transportation Committee. By then, there were already a lot of phone calls, and even more emails. The call to action was still in progress. ALL the phone calls and emails were in favor of the bill.