Anti-Profiling Legislation to be signed by WA Governor

Mr. Breeze and WA bikers worked hard and smart on WA Anti-Profiling Legislation
Olympia (AMP)

Legislation which will deter profiling of motorcyclists by law enforcement in the State of Washington is scheduled to be signed into law by Governor Chris Gregoire in the rotunda of the legislative building, tomorrow, Wednesday, April 13th, 2010, at 1:30pm.

All are urged to attend and bear witness to this historical event. It is anticipated that this new law will prove significant in reducing profiling against bikers, and hopefully trigger a ripple effect from coast to coast. ESB5242 unanimously passed both legislative chambers. On April 1, 2011, the final vote was 91-0 (6 excused).

According to Donne "Mr. Breeze" Landsman, state director for BOLT of WA, "This is historical legislation, not only for the citizens of Washington, but also paves the way for similar legislation in all states!" The motorcyclists who worked so hard (and smart) to get the legislative bill enacted and get it signed into law include BOLT of WA, ABATE of WA, US Defenders, Confederation of Clubs WA, and other bikers, both organized and independent.

Friends of BOLT can log in and send kudos and questions via Mr. Breeze's contact form.

Kudos to Washington Bikers

Kudos to Mr. Breeze and all the motorcycle riders in the state of Washington who worked this landmark bill. Enjoy the day tomorrow. If it weren't for Trooper Pigott and others who exceed their authority by stomping on the rights of citizens this type of legislation would not be needed.
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