WA Trooper Pigott unlawful order to remove helmet, arrest, now a civil lawsuit.

This video shows Washington Trooper Pigott opening what turns into a huge can of worms. Thanks to James Wege for standing up for his constitutional rights rather than be bullied by law enforcement officers trampling all over the Bill of Rights.

Washington state trooper Keith Pigott demanded motorcyclist James Wege remove his helmet or be arrested for ...."something". Wege did not comply with the unlawful order and was immediately arrested. He was cleared after facing numerous ordeals including seizure of his motorcycle.

Now, it is Trooper Pigott who is in the hot seat. Wege has filed a civil lawsuit in Superior Court against not only Trooper Pigott, but also his wife (marital community property), the state of Washington, and the Washington Highway Patrol.

The civil complaint document is on file at the BOLT Library at http://boltusa.org/library/images/a/a2/42_1983_case.doc

Biker Basics 101, a highly inflammatory and derogatory document which WA highway patrol is "supposed to be" enjoined from using, and the injunction order is also in the BOLT Library at http://boltusa.org/library/images/b/bf/WSP_Biker101_orders.pdf

Profiling in Washington

This is a very clear illustration of the need for Anti-profiling legislation in Washington. Trooper Piggot has been a pain in the ass for a number of years. Although there is a permanent injunction in place against the use of Biker Basics 101 as a training tool, either Trooper Pigott had the training prior to 2002, or the WSP are still practicing the training in the defiance of judicial reprimand.

biker basic 101 - http://abate-wa.org/legislative/documents.aspx (look under legislative documents in the FORMS tab)

this suit should help further the cause to get legislative relief in the upcoming legislature.

Mr. Breeze

Biker Basics 101 supposedly enjoined.

Thanks Mr. Breeze, Biker Basics 101 is supposedly enjoined, but it sure does look like Pigott got that training and uses it despite court orders. I just realized we have a copy of the court order in the BOLT Library also, so I updated my previous post.

Note: if anyone views the document, it is sideways. Rather than try to read it sideways, you can rotate the document counter clockwise by clicking on a button in Adobe.

Motorcyclist Profiling

Mr. Breeze,

I just took another look at the 4 episodes at the WA legislature regarding House Bill 2511, on youtube titled "We've got something to say" Part 1, Part2, Part 3, and Part 4. If anyone hasn't seen them, it was a very civil meeting with the legislators and the facts were able to be presented in full. Outstanding. I highly recommend everyone see all 4 of the videos in the series.

Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhEdHj4QVWM
Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRLc3J8wrVY
Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vDfdvSdQ94
Part 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBwwLQzWjTM

You and David Devereaux did an excellent job, as did the representatives in the committee.

Observation about the process:
In Washington, Nevada, California, and many other states, people who bring testimony to a committee are provided microphones and are usually allowed to sit down in comfortable chairs, with a table in front of them for their notes. I don't think you would believe the contrast we have in North Carolina when we "try" to testify in a committee meeting. No sitting, no microphone, no table for our notes, and rude chairpersons preventing testimony. It all seems a lot more adversarial. It is like they do not want to hear anything we have to say. I'm glad to see that it is not like that all over the country. North Carolina is pathetic. We've got something to say, also, but are going to have to clean house to get some representatives to listen.

NC Committee Meetings

Mr. Breeze/Jan,

If the chairpersons will not show interest or respect in regards to the issues you are trying to present and the solution is clean house, do we know who to put in place that will listen? Perhaps, I hate to be cliche about it; a grass roots type of push needs to happen. If our following becomes large enough to where we can influence those running for office and we offer a full endorsement on the basis of getting the NC helmet, handle bar etc...laws extracted maybe we can get the desired results. If we know who to vote for that will listen we can then start spreading their name around at the local "rider-friendly" bars, eateries, cat houses or where ever.

You may already know who will listen so I appologize if this has been done. Being new to NC I'm a little late to the game.

It would also be a good idea to forward the above videos to those NC committee member's emails with a note describing how inconsiderate and un-American they are treating the people they work for...compared to some of their equals around the country.


PS. I have been reading up more on the issues and it seems my above post is obviously out dated...

Trooper Piggots training

The training material 'Biker Basics 101' was a tool created by a Trooper DePretto. Trooper Piggot had received his training directly from Master DePretto. While Washington State courts did place an injunction against its use, the training was already ingrained in the pupils. There is nothing to indicate that the WSP has changed their training methods. What is apparent is that the methods are still in use by many of the Troopers. Trooper Piggot, and also Trooper Boardman have repeatedly shown that they are students of the Master.

One key component of Biker Basic 101 is found on page 1, IDENTIFY THE VIOLATION.
1. Helmet
2. Exhaust
3. Handlebars

Even in the face of Judicial reprimand, these same 3 violations are the most sought after infractions to detain motorcyclist.
We truly will not stop the mental checklist that the Trooper has engrained from their training, unless we have the laws changed so that their training is no longer valid.

Mr. Breeze

WA Stop

Officer Pigott is probably a cousin to Officer Love...Vacaville Bad Cop no Donut.

B.O.L.T of CA

unlawful arrest

Cop with an attitude. I'll arrest you for something what a pin head. He needs a desk job or at least along overdue vacation for burnout.

Officer "Piggott"

Obviously has an attitude for bikers, his wife probably left him for one. Good to see these riders knew their rights, still amazes me that there are cops like this on the street in this day and age.

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