B.O.L.T. of CA handles a helmet ticket stop in Vacaville CA

BOLT was asked by a few motorcyclists to help them with Officer Love in Vacaville, CA. The cop had been making some serious problems for riders in Vacaville, writing many helmet tickets, along with various other types of harrassment. Rights violations. We decided to jump in and get our own tickets, instead of just helping them with their court paperwork.

BOLT of California members Don Blanscet and Mark Temple rode to Vacavile to find the helmet ticket writing cop. We easily found him. All we were gonna do was go get helmet tickets but it turned into a confrontation with a cop that wanted to "take my helmet off." Not gonna happen, officer. Not without a Warrant.

Police use intimidation and falsehood as leverage against you. Many who have seen this video consider it a teaching tool. Could be right. Notice how the cops back off when they realize they can't fool you. Now the fun starts, and we discover how many mistakes the cop new he was making, and how many mistakes he didn't know he was making.

Educate yourselves at B.O.L.T. of CA


B.O.L.T. of CA strikes again!

Another excellent job by the freedom fighters of B.O.L.T. of CA. If every biker in California simply refused to wear helmets, and took all tickets to court, the state would not be able to afford to prosecute, and the helmet law war would finally be over in one month. The same is true for every other state that has a mandatory helmet law. The only problem is that most bikers talk the talk of freedom, but won't walk the walk for their individual rights.

Biker Lowdown Radio Show

Hello this is LJ James one of the hosts of the Biker Lowdown Radio Show BikerLowdown.com an Online Biker Talk radio show. Me and Chuck would like to have the two Bikers from this Video on the Show for an interview, this is a Classic video.

I have seen similar reactions from officers after they have pulled me over and they regurgitate some speech they learned believing it to be fact, They are so sure of themselves they will keep making statements! Then when I start talking to them explaining the true facts and asking them questions the look on their face changes so much! I call it the "Oh F*ck this Biker knows his Rights" Face ! Great Job !!! There are still not enough bikers who are willing to fight for their rights but it does seem the ones who are willing are uniting !!!

Thanks for having B.O.L.T. on the Biker Lowdown Radio

Thanks to LJ and Chuck for having Pan, Mark, and myself on tonight's show. Once the show is archived, we'll get a link to the archived audio file onto this site.

Biker Lowdown Radio Show

The guys from B.O.L.T. of CA who show they know how to handle a helmet ticket stop, Don Blanscet and Mark Temple, have been notified about your radio show. I expect they'll get in contact with you soon. The follow-ups about the "Incident at Vacaville" are going to be very interesting.

I'll have a listen to the archived show about the Boston pipes issue. Thank you for covering important biker rights issues! jan