Michigan Independence Day Helmetless Ride

4th of July 2010, INDEPENDENCE DAY! See slideshow of 90 photos!

15 Mid Michigan Freedom Fighters, comprised of Bikers Of Lesser Tolerance, American Bikers Against Totalitarian Enactments, and general Patriots took part in a 100 plus mile HELMETLESS motorcycle run July 4th 2010.
The purpose of this run was to protest in a very visible manner our collective dissatisfaction with the increasingly rampant government mandated elimination of our individual liberties.
We all went into this protest with the knowledge that we may very well be stopped by law enforcement, checked out, and ultimately ticketed. We all knew we would likely lose $70.00 of our hard earned money in court when we went to fight the tickets. We all deemed an afternoon of civil disobedience on the 4th of July more important to us than a day at the beach, or a cooler of cold beers.
The run began at the Remus Tavern at the corner of M66 and M20. Most enjoyed a great breakfast at the Remus Tavern, renowned for its great food and its very biker friendly reputation. Thanks to Bill Lipar, owner, Abate member, and tremendous supporter for being there for us.
After a breakfast, we gathered together to hash out the details of our trip. Everyone was checked out for license, endorsement, and insurance. Everyone was double checked on knowing the possibilities of making this run. Tickets, costs, time at court, etc. Guidelines of travel, and route were laid out.
At high noon, we packed our helmets away, started our bikes, and headed north on M66. We had seen two county patrol vehicles pass our bikes early on before we hit the road. The word was that the Sheriffs Office was fully aware of our Liberty Run, but no one knew what to expect. We traveled north through Barryton and then on to US-10. We proceeded west on US-10 through Evart, then on to Reed City. An unmarked police unit passed us as we were traveling west and the officer looked at each of us as he went by, but no stop was made. At Reed City we turned south on Old 131 and rode straight through town past the Reed City State Police Post and then proceeded to Big Rapids. We rode through downtown Big Rapids and turned east on M20. We traveled east until we reached a really, really, backwoods saloon where we took an accounting of our 100 mile trek, cooled off, and considered the possibilities of doing this again.
Chuck C., Rusty B., Jeff P., Steve P., another Steve P., Mike & Joan, Craig & Lynette, Eli & Shelley, Stub W., Tim K., Fred M., and Mike Q. WELL DONE! It was a pleasure to ride free in Michigan with you on Independence Day! - Rusty

how can i help

i am from colo, however i am willing to help riders in michigan,who should i contact, brad 303 830 8004,chongo5129@aim.com

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