Welcome to the new B.O.L.T. USA site.

The purpose of this site is for B.O.L.T. directors to post updates to helmet laws in their state, to keep people updated on the status of the ongoing battles, and to advise people how to get involved in helping the B.O.L.T. chapter, along with other freedom fighters in their state, to repeal or overturn helmet laws.

This is the new B.O.L.T. website, which was installed on January 8, 2009. The old website and all directories have been stored as backups until the new site is running.

One of the main improvements is that national and state directors (and their helpers) are allowed to log in and post. They can "create content" in any of the following formats: blog, book, and forum. First, you will need to register for an account and log in. You should be able to do this very easily. After you register, you will receive final instructions. If you have any problems registering for an account, contact jan. All B.O.L.T. members know my email address.

Now for the nitty gritty:
The beginning of a Collection of Case Law Documents can be found here: http://boltusa.org/?q=node/7


User Roles

User Roles enable us to set users up with access they need. We value everyones' confidentiality, security, and privacy. It is the systems administrators policy that users do not get more access than what they need. If anyone needs more security than what is given them by default, contact the system administrator. There are some things that could be less secure, but we'd rather have more security. Good security is the best protection from invasion of privacy. The important thing to us is that if someone wants to get in touch with registered users, it has to be for good reason.

User Roles are as follows:

Unregistered Visitors
- if someone just happens to stop on by, there is no need to display all content to them. If visitors are seriously interested in motorcyclist rights, they should register. Once they register, and verify their email, they will be authenticated users.

Authenticated Users
- will be able to see most content. We appreciate your interest in motorcyclist rights!
- will be able to see, and update their own user profile information.
- will not be able to see user profile information from other users.
Your non-confidential profile information such as roadname, introduction, city, state, and zip code, are available to anyone with a user role of BIKER or higher.
For security purposes, your personal contact information (street, phone, email) is restricted to highest level access by protest organizers, B.O.L.T. members, and system administrators.

The system administrator frequently reviews user profiles of newly authenticated users. Those who have a user profile which convinces the system administrator that this is legitimately a motorcyclist are upgraded to BIKER. This provides system privileges far beyond that of authenticated users.
- can view non-confidential parts of other user profiles
- does not see the email address but can use the contact form to network with other users.
- can post new forum topics and can comment in the forums and blogs.

Protest Organizer
Right now, the protest organizers are B.O.L.T. members, so there is no current need for intermediary privileges. In the future, as we help a protest organizer who is not a member of B.O.L.T., we'll be able to set up protest organizer with the privileges they need, and only the privileges they need. Protest organizers have a unique need to access user contact information within their state or region.

Ticket Fighter (In Development)
This is probably going to change to Researcher or Student in the future as we develop B.O.L.T. University and the B.O.L.T. Library. They will assured of access to all documents B.O.L.T. Library, and help in finding what they need.

B.O.L.T. Member
- have access to all content, and can post comments in all forums and blogs.
- can create blogs and books.

B.O.L.T. Director
- Has powerful system privileges.
- Can create and delete blogs and forums,
- Can see and edit contact information for all users.
- Can upgrade user roles and grant additional privileges to users.

SysAdmin2 (Ric)
- can do just about anything including give people a new password.

System Administrator (jan)
- Sets up and maintains the system.

Users can change their own passwords. If help is needed, contact the admin.