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Tony Pan discusses helmet law protest rallies.

Will Nevada See Helmet Choice?

Will Nevada See Helmet Choice? - Nevada's Helmet Choice Bill SB177:Lessons from

B.O.L.T. of CA handles a helmet ticket stop in Vacaville CA

BOLT was asked by a few motorcyclists to help them with Officer Love in Vacaville, CA. The cop had been making some serious problems for riders in Vacaville, writing many helmet tickets, along with various other types of harrassment. Rights violations. We decided to jump in and get our own tickets, instead of just helping them with their court paperwork.

Welcome to the new B.O.L.T. USA site.

The purpose of this site is for B.O.L.T. directors to post updates to helmet laws in their state, to keep people updated on the status of the ongoing battles, and to advise people how to get involved in helping the B.O.L.T. chapter, along with other freedom fighters in their state, to repeal or overturn helmet laws.

This is the new B.O.L.T. website, which was installed on January 8, 2009. The old website and all directories have been stored as backups until the new site is running.

One of the main improvements is that national and state directors (and their helpers) are allowed to log in and post. They can "create content" in any of the following formats: blog, book, and forum. First, you will need to register for an account and log in. You should be able to do this very easily. After you register, you will receive final instructions. If you have any problems registering for an account, contact jan. All B.O.L.T. members know my email address.

Now for the nitty gritty:
The beginning of a Collection of Case Law Documents can be found here:

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