Tony Pan discusses helmet law protest rallies.


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THEORETICAL DISCUSSION: Should Bikers contact Anonymous for assistance?

Before I begin, I want to make this disclaimer. This portion of the Friends of BOLT site is my personal blog, which just so happens to be provided to me by Friends of BOLT on the site. The thoughts I am about to present are mine, and mine alone. As such, I am the only one to be held accountable for my thoughts and my words. It is a shame that we live in such litigious and oppressive times that I even have to say that! That said,...


S.M.A.R.T.E.R. (than you)

S.M.A.R.T.E.R. (than you)

My take on the Michigan Helmet Law

The Michigan helmet law came about via a federal bribe in the mid 70’s which basically denied federal funds for roads unless Michigan, (and all 50 other states), enacted a helmet law. This was one of many Nanny laws that resulted through the formation of Ralph Nader’s vision within the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. NHTSA. Nader’s point of view was that you could not count on educating motorists on traffic safety with dependable crash survival results.

Motorcyclist dragged 50 feet by helmet

In Jackson, MS, 28 year old William Miller, of Carrollton, Al was riding his new Suzuki motorcycle when he was in a motorcycle accident and went down. While lying in the road in an unlit area, a Toyota Corolla came along and ran him over. The Toyota snagged him by the motorcycle helmet, and ended up dragging him by the helmet 50 feet down Main Street. After the Toyota stopped, passersby lifted the Toyota to free the man.

Will Nevada See Helmet Choice?

Will Nevada See Helmet Choice? - Nevada's Helmet Choice Bill SB177:Lessons from

DIfference between Objective and Subjective

As part of BOLT ongoing internal education of ourselves, I put together the following detailed look at the difference between Subjective and Objective, and hope it is helpful. Perhaps some of you will have something to add to it.

We occasionally discuss the "No List? No Law!" premise that, with no list of approved helmets, there can be no objective standard for compliance.

REVOLT! Against the Modern Day Stamp Act by NHTSA

Do you know what tomorrow is?
The anniversary of the Boston Tea Party! December 16, 1773
If you're feeling revolutionary, plan your own revolt against the modern day version of the repugnant stamp act. IF YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST WEAR A HELMET, DUE TO VILE LAWS WHICH DON'T ALLOW YOU LIBERTY,...


If stopped, do not take the helmet off unless they have a warrant, and do not consent to a search.
No DOT symbol? Slap a piece of tape over where it would be! Spread the word to all motorcyclists.

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